Video surveillance has captured a special moment in the life of storks in Belozem - the hatching of the first young storks for this year

Mai 11, 2020

In the village of Belozem, the Bulgarian representative in the European Stork Villages Network, special care is taken for people's feathered favorites.

The project "Conservation and promotion of storks in Belozem - the European White Stork Village in Bulgaria" was implemented thanks to the largest socially responsible initiative of Lidl Bulgaria "You and Lidl for a better life", in partnership with the Foundation "Workshop for Civic Initiatives” and the Bulgarian Donors Forum. Thanks to this, in the village of Blozem a modern video surveillance system has been installed by the Community Center Prosveta 1909 for the observation of two stork nests located on the roof of the Community Center.

An extremely rare sight was revealed to the local public and the Green Balkans team, as we have the opportunity to analyze video surveillance. On May 8, we observed 4 baby storks in one of the nests on the roof of the Community Center. Camera recordings show that on May 7 the parents are still incubating their eggs, and thanks to that the exact moment of hatching can be determined.

Unfortunately, of the 5 eggs that the storks laid in this nest, only 4 were able to hatch successfully, but this is common in large birds living in the wild.

With the help of modern technologies, it is possible to trace the history of the birds and the nests they inhabit. The pair of storks took their nest on March 29th. The first egg was already registered on the 30th, and on the 2nd of April in the same nest parents incubated their eggs during the late snow which has fallen in Belozem this year. And to make the story even more colorful, the cameras also filmed a ring placed on the leg of one of the birds.

The report shows that the specialized ring was placed on this bird in 2012 by Green Balkans, when it was a juvenile stork hatched on the roof of the Geo Milev School in Belozem, where about 20 pairs of stork nest. Later in 2015, the same bird was observed in the vicinity of the School.

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