The first nesting white storks in Belozem

Mar 17, 2021

The first white storks which arrived to Belozem, literary a few days ago, selected one of the artificial nests placed on the roof of the Community Centre Prosveta 1909. 

This was registered by the employees of the Community Centre via the video surveillance purchased during the project “Conservation and popularization of the white storks in Belozem – the European Stork village”, it was implemented with the help by the biggest social responsible initiative of Lidl Bulgaria “You and Lidl for a better life“, in a partnership of Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donation Forum.

It is possible to follow the history of the birds in the nests by using the modern technologies. One of the birds is nesting and probably the eggs are hatched or it is going to happen very soon, the other bird is pacing in a cheerful way the outskirts of the village and is looking for some to eat.  

The team is looking forward to seeing the new little members of the white stork species.