Curious picture in Belozem - a stork is covered with snow in the nest while hatching its eggs.

Apr. 09, 2020

It happened during last week's snowfall.

In Bulgaria, wintering White storks have become a common sight over the last few years, Green Balkans reported. But this spring the whims of the changing weather surprise with a sensational picture - stork laying in a nest covered with snow. The unusual shot was taken on 02.04. 2020 in Belozem village, the Bulgarian representative in the European Stork Villages Network. The picture is thanks to test and demo the video surveillance of two stork nests, which is installed by the "Prosveta 1909" National Community Center in Belozem, as part of the project "Conservation and Promotion of Storks in Belozem - the European Stork Village in Bulgaria". The project is supported by Lidl Bulgaria's largest socially responsible initiative - "You and Lidl for a Better Life", implemented in partnership with the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donation Forum and designated as the largest grant program of a private corporate donor in Bulgaria.

Elena Uzunova - "Prosveta 1909" Community Center in Belozem,
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